On my last visit to the São Miguel island, the Água D’Alto beach welcomed us with open arms. The day was gray and of small waves. But there was just us and a group of local surfers in the water.

When I surf away from home, I have a simple rule, the same one I like to be respected when someone foreigner surfs on my beach: respect the local surfer! So while the waves were best left to the beach, the “bumps” in the middle of the beach were just fine and left smiles on our faces.

São Miguel
A zen moment before the surf
São Miguel
A drop in on your boyfriend doesn’t count …;)
São Miguel
Sometimes, small waves are worth as much as the big ones
São Miguel
Mission Accomplished!

The next stop on this trip was at the main beach of Ribeira Grande: Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately, I have no photos of that session, but no one takes my mind of the nearly two hours I was in the water, laughing at each wave caught. A come back for sure.

Have I said that the water in the Azores is hot? … just saying … 🙂

We tried another wave in this Azorean island — the Monasteries. Here I stayed on the sidelines, but had a good representation. 😉

São Miguel
Monasteries are very popular in high season … glad that I went of season! 🙂
São Miguel
Right position, at the right time
São Miguel
Even those who are out of water don’t resist the landscape
São Miguel
Surfing with this scenario…

Know any more worthy beach to put the board in the water in the Azores? Leave the tip in the comments box below!


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