Anyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy for awards ceremonies, which by this time of year invade our televisions (thank’s SIC Caras that finally broadcast this events!). Being the Oscars or the Grammy’s, I love to keep track of everything. 🙂

This year, in the Grammy’s, the big highlight was the tribute to David Bowie, as it should be. Lady Gaga and all her entourage were great remembering the success songs of the Chameleon.

On the other hand, the day after the Grammy’s, social networks were invaded by images of the Kendrick Lamar. I confess that it isn’t really my kind of music and the performance may even have been a little exaggerated (fire on stage? Isn’t it a bit too much?), But who disagrees with me can always defend it. 😉

Here’s the tribute to Bowie made in this 58th edition.


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