Visualize Europe as a whole. Now, take that thought to the end of this vast continent, to its most western point, where the mainland ends and the Atlantic begins. Here you’ll find Cape Roca.

It was a feeling of immensity the one I felt when I first came to this place and looked at the sea. After all, the land only reappears under the US flag. Well, with the Azores islands still on the way.

This is a beautiful walk, framed by the lighthouse, one of the oldest of the Portuguese coast, and by the stone bearing the words of Luiz de Camões:

“Here, were the land ends and the sea begins”

What to do in Cape Roca

If you visit Cape Roca, walk the trails that extend along the edge of the hillside and don’t forget to discover the Bear Stone legend and the rock that gives it life. 😉

And, since you are here, how about a trip to Quinta da Regaleira?

Cape Roca Cape Roca Cape Roca Cape Roca

Have you been to Cape Roca? What was your thought when you first visited it? I want to read all about it in the comment box below!

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  1. I haven’t been to cape roca, though I do love portugal, so I will make some effort to visit. I don’t think I’ve actually been that far south – just to the Alentejo

  2. Wow–that view! To stand on the edge of a bluff like that and see only ocean for miles and miles…pretty amazing to imagine it. Your photos are beautiful and your description makes me want to go!

  3. I have not been to Cape Roca but it looks stunning! The one think I love about lighthouses is they often have fantastic views of the see! Great pictures

  4. I had never stopped to think about where the western most point of Europe would be! Cape Roca looks really pretty though an dit looks like it’d be a lot of fun to walk the trails. It kind of reminds me of the Cape of Good Hope.

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