Everyone knows that it’s time for Christmas dinners, whether they are job related or with friends. So I decided to introduce you to a restaurant that I’ve been going for some time now and that is a fantastic suggestion for the time we are in or for that most special dinner.

À Parte was born in 2009 by the hand of Henrique Chance Pinheiro, born in Brasil, who joined Lina Santos, Portuguese of Trás-os-Montes, to give soul and body to a new concept.

À Parte À Parte

And what makes À Parte such a special place?

Its rooms and decoration! You can choose to have dinner in the living room, but also in the kitchen, next to pots and pans, or in the dispensary, next to the can of beans or the bottle of olive oil.

Everything is decorated very tastefully, which makes it a super different and pleasant space. Not to mention the team that is serving, always professional and friendly.

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Eyes and belly!

But let’s talk about the food. We could be in a beautiful space, where the eyes deceive the stomach. But it’s not the case. À Parte’s menu has enough offer and the products presented with good quality.

Here, my suggestion goes to the risottos (any one) or the steaks. At our last dinner we opted for Bife à Chefe – you can always see if a restaurant is good or not if the chef’s dish is good 😉 – with a fantastic wine sauce and the Rumsteak, with mustard seed sauce and a mash of potatoes and sautéed vegetables.

This time we skipped the dessert, but if you ask to see what there is, you will certainly choose one, as they present you with a tray with each of the wonders available. In my case it was more a case of “eyes that don’t see, heart that doesn’t feel”. 😉

À Parte
À Parte
Bife à Chefe
À Parte
À Parte
Herdade Grande wine
À Parte
The bill

How did you like À Parte? Were you curious? Share your opinion on this post in the comments box below.

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  1. That’s such a great find. I loved eating and dining out in Portugal- everything was so cheap and so beautiful. I love finding unusual places to eat and this looks like one of them.

  2. What a fun and unique dining experience. I love risotto, so I think I’d opt for that and it would be real hard for me to pass on that dessert. I’m sorry I missed this the last time I was in Lisbon, but just a reason to return. Thanks for putting this on my radar 🙂

    1. Hi Heather. So glad you liked the post and the suggestion. I’m also a risotto lover and have tried theirs in other occasions and it’s really good. If you try it next time you’re in town let me know what you think. Cheers!

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