Talking about the place where we live should be the simplest thing on earth. But it’s not. How to put in a single text all we know, what we like, what delights us, what puts a smile on our face every day?

I’m talking about Ericeira, a small fishing village about 50 km north of Lisbon.

You may think I am exaggerating and even that my words or images that you’ll see in the video below aren’t enough to think that this place is so special.

But believe me, it is.

In this article I’ll show you:

  • A Bit of Ericeira’s History
  • Points of Interest
  • The Best Beaches
  • The Restaurants and Bars of Reference
  • Where To Sleep
  • Video About Ericeira



Legend has it that the name Ericeira is a derivation of Ouriçeira, or “land of hedgehogs (aka ouriços, in Portuguese).” Some say it came from the large number of hedgehogs that existed in the region; others, from the huge amount of sea urchins found in these beaches. I, for myself, defend the second thesis.

The history of this land is connected to the fishing tradition. Over time, the Port of Ericeira gained economic relevance, having lost its status throughout the 19th century.

After that, the region turned to vacationers, searching for the beautiful beaches and its iodine levels.

But the episode that helped to put Ericeira in the History of Portugal books was the departure by sea of the Portuguese king, Manuel II, into exile in Brazil, fleeing the republican revolution.



Chapel of St. Sebastian

Chapel of St. Sebastian Ericeira

Pillory of Ericeira

Pillory of Ericeira

Milreu Fort

Milreu Fort Ericeira

St. Marta Church

Church of St. Marta

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church

Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem

Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem

Port of Ericeira

Port of Ericeira

Moon Fountain

Moon Fountain

St. Marta’s Park

St. Marta’s Park


Ericeira’s Market Place

Ericeira's Market Place


Ericeira recently won the title of World Surfing Reserve, for the quality of the waves in this small piece of land by the sea.

There are seven waves in the reserve:

  • Pedra Branca
  • Reef
  • Ribeira D’Ilhas
  • Cave
  • Crazy Left
  • Coxos
  • São Lourenço

South beach Ericeira

But even for those who aren’t fans of the sport, the beaches of Ericeira are of great value and natural beauty.

It’s not every day that we can go through the rocks and find loads of starfish. 😉

Of course we aren’t talking about the temperatures of air or the sea of the Algarve, but if you can take a vacation in September, for example, is guaranteed you’ll have great days at the beach.

If, however, you have to take your vacation in a normal period – June to August – it’s quite possible you’ll be buffeted by the prevailing north wind. But don’t worry: at the South Beach, the hotel protects you from the wind and you can still count on a natural pool at low tide.



restaurants street ericeira

TIK TAK – medium / high restaurant with great food and a fantastic wines selection

PRIM – Good food and great ambience. It has few tables, so it’s best to arrive early

MAR D’AREIA – Ideal to eat fish. Try the grilled fish eggs salad

UNISUSHI – The best sushi restaurant in the area. Look for different sushi, always made with very fresh fish

Jogo da Bola Ericeira

JOGO DA BOLA – This is the village main square and here you’ll find many terraces, ice cream parlors and cafes

O LEBRE – The typical village tavern that eventually turned into the “fashion bar”. If you’re hungry, ask here for a Preguinho

O Tubo

O TUBO – With surfing decoration, it’s not uncommon to see here tourists from the various surfcamps


O OURIÇO – It’s probably the oldest club in the country. It has 60 years, but the facade is always new. Virtually all year they paint it differently. It’s a small space and the music of the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.



This isn’t my expertise. After all, I live here and I haven’t really the need to try other accommodations.

Anyway, here are two that I know and can recommend:


Overlooking the ocean, in a building of five floors completely restored and still with traces of another time. In addition to having the sea right on the doorstep, you can count on a large pool for the days when the sea is angry.

Like the suggestion? Book here your stay.



For those who enjoy the hostel atmosphere, but without necessarily having to share room with another six, the OMASSIM may be the solution.

We’re talking about a hostel defending all that is healthy, so, in addition to surfing lessons, there’s also yoga classes and retreats. It’s also here that you can eat the best vegetarian food in all the surroundings.


That said, are you eager to know Ericeira? Have you already visit the place? Give me your feedback in the comments box.


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    1. @ anna: actually it is more a yoga place than a hostel. to me it immediately felt like home… very relaxed and not directly located in ericeira but a few minutes drive away. i’ve stayed there several times already and the vast majority of the guests was really nice, respectful and quiet… there was hardly anyone drinking or smoking… and most of the time everybody went to bed at 10 pm or earlier, because we were so tired and relaxed after a day full of yoga and surfing 🙂 the yoga is really good, you can participate in up to 3 classes a day … and sometimes they also offer meditations or specials like a sweatlodge ritual. the surf in the area is amazing, and the teachers they work with are super nice. last but not least: the food is vegan/vegetarian only and it is absolutely delicious!!! they also cater for people who can’t have gluten. the hosts are just adorable and welcome you with open arms. i totally recommend the place if you want to treat yourself in a peaceful and quiet place!

  1. Love the pictures, looks like a beautiful and interesting place! Also really like how you’ve split up the article makes it super easy to digest- one tip, I would maybe make the font just a tiny bit bigger so its easier to read and more striking next to your awesome images 🙂

  2. I have to admit I have never heard of it before, but looks like a gorgeous small village to visit. I agree, it would take me pages and pages to list only the places to eat in the city I live in.

  3. Nice! So beautiful! I was just reading about how Portugal is the best place in Europe to go surfing – looks like Ericeira might be a place for beginners to check out!

  4. This is an informative share. 🙂
    This looks like a beautiful and serene town. An interesting place to visit. I would like to check out their ports and beaches.

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