Located in the Basque Country, this small fishing village, positioned in front of the Bay of Biscay, combines both culture and natural beauty.

But, in fact, what took me there was the surf.

We’re talking about a wave of global quality, which, until recently, held world tour events. Its position over the gulf, getting all the swell generated at that location, and the fact that it’s in the mouth of an estuary, makes Mundaka known for its wave breaking to the left over a sandbank.

For much of my life I heard of the Mundaka wave, which sometimes reaches up to four meters, the difficult current caused by the estuary… Anyway, let’s say it’s a wave for grown up surfers.

So when I visited the village on my way to a trip to Biarritz, and saw that the waves were small, a chill settled in the stomach. I’m not talking about butterflies … I’m talking about bats beating their wings furiously!

I had to surf there!!

I filled up with courage, went down the wall and went into the water. For an hour, I settle myself, made attempts (lots of them) and caught some waves. Thinking that in any given time the ocean would rise and I wouldn’t know what to do.

With the tide going down, I began to feel the currents pulling out. It was time to leave the sea and it required all my stroke force to reach the exit point and not end up being dragged to the fishing port.

I was out and with that feeling of mission accomplishment.

I never went back to Mundaka, but I never forgot that at least that day I had my moment of glory. I was lucky. I picked a day that the dragon was asleep.

Mundaka-3 Mundaka-4 Mundaka-5 Mundaka-6 Mundaka-7 Mundaka-8 Mundaka-9

Now, your turn! Have you ever been a situation were you had to overcome your fears? Tell all about it in the comment box bellow.



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  1. Great photos! And yes many times I’ve had to deal with my fears while traveling. Right now I’m scared to go bungy jumping for the first time in my life tomorrow morning. And it’s the tallest in the world…

  2. The first time of trying high ropes, I was so scared and I wanted to give up but I pushed myself. Honestly, I talked to myself whole the way that and kept repeating “you can do it and forget the fear”. I did it and was a great experience

    1. So great, Mansoureh. It’s all about believing in ourselves, isn’t it? 🙂 I think sometimes fear is our worst enemy. If you conquer it, you’ll be able to do things you never dreamed of.

  3. Looks like a lovely small village! Congrats on overcoming fears and achieving goals! Honestly, sounds a bit scary for someone like me who can’t swim. Maybe this is a fear I have to overcome soon.

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