How many of us have walked the beach and found garbage that comes out of the sea? The image is not pretty and it was to fight against it that three surfers got together and created Skeleton Sea.

João Parrinha, Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder decided to put their art into good use and, elaborating sculptures and installations with the objects that were found in the sand, they created an art project that intends to raise awareness for the conservation of our oceans.

These majestic pieces of art have been running the world and the truth is that they don’t leave anyone indifferent.

The three sculptures I show here are on show in the center of Ericeira’s village, in Portugal, but you can learn more about the Skeleton Sea here. Meanwhile, notice all the details in this art pieces.

Skeleton Sea
Abyss — João Parreirinha, 2011
Skeleton Sea
Miss Flip Flop — Joao Parrinha & Xandi Kreuzeder, 2011
Skeleton Sea
Polvo Azul — Joao Parrinha & Xandi Kreuzeder, 2015

What do you think of the Skeleton Sea project? Share your opinion in the comments box below.

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