The main street is filled with little stalls that sell a bit of everything. Clothing, accessories, footwear and even works of art or old records. Here, you don’t hear the usual market noise. The environment is quiet and there’s nobody running you over.

But just like any Sunday market, there’s no shortage of food.

In the LX Rural we can find stands full of fruit and vegetables, sweets, bread and even sausages, among other produts.

The curiosity of this small market is that it’s made of producers from the West region of Portugal. All biological and with a guarantee of quality that you can’t always achieve on larger supermarkets.

Let’s say I left there with a bag full of vegetables, “bought from an old man near the city of Bombarral”; bread I’ve never tasted before, made of broccoli, beetroot and brioche; Cheeses from the Óbidos area; Some buckwheat that I tasted baked on the spot; And candied fruit, without added sugar.

And the best thing was to talk to the salesmen, who explained the product, its origin, gave it to taste and advice according to our personal preferences.

And the best of being at the LX Factory? You can end your morning with a beautiful brunch!

Do you guys go to markets over the weekend? What’s your favorite? Share it in the comments box.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE visiting markets when traveling. I think it’s one of the best ways to experience local life and mingle with the locals. Not sure how I missed this market when I was in Lisbon, but I don’t recall being there on the weekend, so that may be why. There’s always next time!

  2. Ive been to Lisbon before (love it!) but never had the chance to check out this market. Looks like the perfect place to stock up on some local fruit/veg and grab a few snacks along the way. Markets are such a great way to learn about a culture or region. Nice that this market had a focus on an area of Portugal. Very cool!

  3. We love market visits.It’s a great way to see the local food culture as well as purchase what is in season. Eating at the markets is one of our favorite activities. Have not been to Portugal, but it is on the travel plans for 2017. Keeping this reference for that visit. Cheers!

  4. I love a good market, especially when there is so much fresh produce on offer and you have the chance to really get a taste for the local delicacies. I’m hoping to make it to Lisbon this year and will definitely be checking this out!

    1. To be honest, Bella, this time I only used my iPhone 6. It was just one of those visits that wasn’t really planned. But I think that smartphones cameras have really evolved, don’t you think?

  5. I live in Bordeaux and every Sunday I’m at our weekly market buying my produce, butter and even meat from the butcher. Everything is fresh and locally produced.

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