More or less … we can’t walk in the hangars to supervise safety teams, but we can lookout for news from places like Airline Ratings, a website dedicated to air safety and that recently announced the 10 worst airlines in the world.

Based on data of aviation security officials from each country, fatality records, the operational side of companies and all incidents in which they were involved, of 407 companies analyzed, 10 were blacklisted.

Unfortunately, taking into account that it is a country to which I travel a lot, nine of them are from Indonesia. 🙁

Here is a list to ponder when booking future flights. At least this year.

1 – Batik Air (Indonésia)

2 – Bluewing Airlines (Suriname)

3 – Citilink (Indonésia)

4 – Kal-Star Aviation (Indonésia)

5 – Lion Air (Indonésia)

6 – Sriwijaya Air (Indonésia)

7 – TransNusa (Indonésia)

8 – Trigana Air Service (Indonésia)

9 – Wings Air (Indonésia)

10 – Xpress Air (Indonésia)

And you? Did you had any bad experience with any airline? Share in the comment box.


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