Francesinha is one of the typical dishes of Oporto. So, when I hear someone say that “the best francesinha in Lisbon is at Sabeapato”, I thought: “Uau! The best in Lisbon?? I have to check it out!”

The place is trivial, no refinements here because what really matters is the food.

The owner explains me that the restaurant opened just six months ago and now he expects the word to spread and, shortly, “get some queues at the door.”

Queues doesn’t exist yet, but people come and end up confessing that they’ve read or heard about the place.

Regarding the star of the menu, I’m not the ultimate authority to assess, but I know what a good francesinha tastes like … and this is a good francesinha !!

The quality of the meat, the spicy sauce, the cheese, the formula is complete and delivers a good and fair taste.

And don’t forget the sangria. Well, in this case i’ve drank better. But it’s worth asking for one if the beer is not among your favorite drinks (as is my case).

Perhaps with a little less cinnamon and a little more sugar. 🙂


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