Starting with the check-in done expeditiously and always ready to help with our requests if possible. On my last trip, I asked if they could put me in one of the seats next to the emergency exit, since they are more spacious. And so they did. 🙂

Also on board, the crew is always very kind and helpful.

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Emirates: The Inflight Service

I confess that I haven’t had the chance to experience 1st Class or Executive, but in Economy, the Emirates service is not that bad.

When we have flights that last between 4 to 8 hours there’s a great friend on board: a small television built into the front seat. In this case, the selection of movies and television series is huge and super current.

The meal on board is also usually quite nice, offering more than a main course to choose from, starters and a good drinks selection. Also during the flight they will provide water for hydration and sometimes snacks.

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Client support

If the experience on board is already quite interesting, to date I have only good things to say about customer support.

When I landed in Sri Lanka our surfboards haven’t arrived. But as soon as we left the plane our name was called to the baggage counter.

The boards only arrived in the afternoon flight coming from Dubai, but the airline made available to deliver them directly to the hotel … even this being more than 100 km away.

When we returned, our flight was delayed and from a 1h30 stopover in Dubai we would spend 18h! We contacted the offices of Emirates in Sri Lanka and they managed to fit us in other flights.

Anyway, I can say that my experience with this airline company has been quite good so far and hence the recommendation. 🙂

What is your favorite airline? Do you have any indication or story to tell? The comments box is all yours.

The views expressed in this post are independent and result of personal experience. It was not based on any compensation. 


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