Between 16 September and 9 October, every day from 9:00 to 20:00, the “Surf & Style” invades the Munich Airport and has the biggest stationary wave in the world, giving the opportunity to visitors and passengers to feel the sensation of catching some waves.

Pro or beginner, everyone who wants to try it will have the opportunity, as each session lasts an hour and will be divided into three levels of difficulty. From the easiest to the most advanced.

Each hour slot has a cost of €19 for adults and €10 for children between the age of 8 and 14. This includes equipment – helmet, surfboard, wetsuit and lycra – as well as the presence of an instructor.

Munich Airport


The installation placed at the Munich Terminal lets you create a wave 10 m wide, which can reach up to 1,5 m in height, more than enough conditions to make a good surf session.

Such that, on 8 and 9 October, will take place the final of the European Championship in Stationary Wave Riding, being expected the presence of 130 participants from around the world.

Also the 2nd of October is reserved for families and the organization promises many surprises.

So if you are thinking of going to the Oktoberfest this year, why not try making some waves right there at the Airport? From today you can reserve your slot in


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  1. Woowwww… That’s so unexpected but also so cool experience!!
    My husband have surfed static waves in Chile and Bangkok, but never though it could be possible to do it n the airport.


  2. A surfing exhibition in one of the World’s busiests airports? Now I’ve seen everything! This by far the most unique, but coolest thing I have ever read. Thanks for sharing! But, don’t you find this to be interesting that it is happening in Munich instead of another airport in Hawaii or Los Angeles or Australia where surfing is actually more prevalent? I mean Germany?!?

    1. So true, Ray! It’s really special to see this happen in a place like Munich, providing everybody the chance to try out this sport. If this was in a country were there are waves, it wouldn’t matter this much. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and hope to hear from you again.

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